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Snickers Pods Chocolate Pouch (160g) Australia Import

With a crunchy baked wafer that''s ingeniously shaped like a shell, a chewy peannutty Snickers filling and a delicious milk...

Snickers White Chocolate Bar (6 x 49g)

The ever popular Snickers bar, but this is a white chocolate covered version. Ingredients sugar, glucose syrup, peanuts, cocoa butter,...

Snickers White Chocolate Bar Limited Edition 49g

  Limited Edition – For a limited time only.  The classic, now with white chocolate  

Terry’s Chocolate Orange – Milk (157g)

Terry’s chocolate Orange combines real orange extract with smooth milk chocolate and is packaged in an orange shaped ball divided...

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Chocolate Bar, 3 x 35g

Delicious milk chocolate flavoured with real orange oil in a bar formatIngredientsSugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Dried Skimmed MILK, Dried...

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Dark (157g) British / UK

Dark chocolate flavoured with real orange. Rich dark chocolate flavoured with real orange oil Unwrap the foil to reveal the...

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis (125g) – British/UK Chocolate

Made with real orange oil, Mini, but mightily orangey, Suitable for vegetarians

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis Exploding Candy (125g) – British/UK Chocolate

Minis with Fizz, Crackle'n Bang! Delicious mini milk chocolate segments, flavoured with real orange oil and packed full of fun...

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis Toffee Crunch (125g) – British/UK Chocolate

Real orange flavoured milk chocolates with crunchy toffee flavour caramel pieces (4%).  Delicious mini milk chocolate segments, flavoured with real...

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