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Campino Yogurt & Fruit Hard Candies Strawberry (75g) UAE Import

Campino candies combine the cool, fresh taste of real yogurt with the delicious flavor of sun ripened fruits to create...

Crawford & Tilley Sherbet Lemons (230g)

Lemon flavored sweets with a sherbet center. Imported from the UK.

Crillys Aniseed Twists (160g) British Sweets/Candy

Aniseed flavoured hard boiled sweets.

Crillys Blue Raspberry Bon Bons (150g)

Blue Raspberry Bon Bons 150g

Crillys British Sweets/Candy Multi Pack (8 x 160g Bags) Sherbet/Liquorice

Crillys 8 x 160g Bags Multi pack include... lemon sherbet, aniseed twist, pear drops, rhubarb & custard, mint imperials, chocolate...

Crillys Chocolate Limes (160g) British Sweets/Candy

A dark chocolate centred lime flavoured hard boiled sweets.

Crillys Chocolate Orange (130g)

A dark chocolate centred orange flavoured hard boiled sweet.

Crillys Dolly Mixtures (160g) British Sweets/Candy

Crillys Dolly Mixtures (160g) British Sweets/Candy - Soft multi-coloured fondant shapes with subtle flavourings.

Crillys Jelly Babies (160g)

Soft sugar baby shaped jelly sweets.

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