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Nestle Milkybar Mini Eggs (100g)

Nestle Milkybar Mini Eggs. Delicious creamy white chocolate mini eggs in a crisp sugar shell. Milkybar is the number 1...

Nestle Milkybar Mint Flavoured Chocolate Bar 80g (South Africa Import)

This creamy white confection recipe with added mint it is a favourite amongst South Africans - chosen more than any...

Nestle Milkybar Mix Ups (95g)

Milkybar® Mix Ups are here! An exciting mix of Milkybar® white chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting cocoa filling and...

Nestle Milkybar with Baked Cookies Chocolate Block 180g (Australia Import)

NESTLE MILKYBAR is the white chocolate treat for everyone. MILKYBAR Baked Cookies block is filled with the delicious flavour combination...

Nestle Milkybar with Smarties (100g)

Deliciously creamy tasting white chocolate MILKYBAR sharing block with Smarties inclusions, A perfect MILKYBAR to share, All natural ingredients.

Nestle Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie (101g)

Nestle Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie (101g)

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