10-Piece Chocolate Easter Egg Hamper


Set comprises 10 chocolate items or bags

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  • Set comprises 10 chocolate items or bags
  • Produced by Cadbury, Smarties, M&M and Galaxy
  • Hamper includes assorted items from the following (flavours sent at random):
    • Cadbury Mini Dairy Milk Eggs Bag (93g)
    • Cadbury Creme Mini Eggs (89g)
    • Cadbury Mini Daim Eggs Bag (86g)
    • Cadbury Dairy Milk With Oreo Minis Bag (82g)
    • Galaxy Enchanted Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (80g)
    • M&M’s Chocolate Eggs Sharing Bag (80g)
    • Smarties Mini Eggs Pouch (90g)
    • Smarties Orange Mini Eggs Pouch (00g)
    • Cadbury Creme Eggs (40g)
    • Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Eggs (31g)
    • Cadbury Caramel Chocolate Egg (30g)
    • Maltesers Chocolate Bunny Bar (29g)
    • Kit Kat Chocolate Bunny Bar (29g)
    • Nestle Aero Mini Chocolate Eggs (70g)
    • Nestle Aero Peppermint Mini Chocolate Eggs (70g)
    • Cadbury Mini Eggs (80g)
    • Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted Bag (94g)


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