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Skittles Limited Edition Sweet Heat 152g

Fruity flavours with a spicy kick. Suitable for vegetarians.Scorchin' Pineapple, Fiery Watermelon, Sizzlin' Strawberry, Lemon Spark, Piccanté Passion Fruit

Skittles Limited Edition Winter Fruits (152g)

Flavours: Mandarin & Cinnamon, Apple & Cinnamon, Raspberry & Cinnamon, Pomegranate & Cinnamon and Blood Orange & Cinnamon.

Skittles Orchards Limited Edition Flavour 152g

No two Rainbows are the same. Neither are two packs of Skittles. Enjoy an odd mix. Cherry, pomegranate, lemon, apple,...

Skittles Scented Candles (Set of 4)

"Taste The Rainbow!" Create an explosion of fruity fragrance in your home with one of these fantastic scented candles. Skittles...

Skittles Sours (110g) Australia Import

SKITTLES is a bite-sized chewy lolly with a colourful crispy shell. SKITTLES Sours comes in a mix of deliciously sour...

Skittles Sweet & Spicy (160g) Germany Import

The Skittles candies mix fruit flavors with a "spicy kick."

Skittles Trick Plays (56.7g) USA Import

In the spirit of the American football season, Skittles has partnered with the NFL to create these fun, deceiving limited...

Skittles Tropical Flavour 152g

Share the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow No two Rainbows are the same. Neither are two packs of Skittles. Enjoy an...

Skittles Twin Pack Darkside & Brightside (50g & 56.7g) USA Import

Darkside Candy is filled with fruity flavor, including forbidden fruity, dark berry, midnight lime, pomegranate and blood orange. Brightside is...

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